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LoDolce Quality Policy

LoDolce Machine Company a leading contract manufacturer of products and components located at 196 Malden Turnpike, Saugerties, New York. Our customers expect LoDolce Machine Company to provide trust, quality, and rapid response to their needs. Our objective is to perform a valuable service to our customers by:

LoDolce Machine Company is committed to: Building our Customer’s Future by:

Exceeding our Customer’s Expectations in Quality, Cost and Delivery

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LoDolce Machine Company

Purchase Order General Clauses

This document describes the individual clauses that may be referenced on a Purchase Order (P.O.) from LoDolce Machine Company.

Glossary of Terms

                Buyer                                   LoDolce Machine Company and the point of contact on the P.O.

                Supplier                                The business entity providing the goods or services on the P.O.

                Customer                              LoDolce Machine Company’s customer

                Sub-Contractor                    Sub-Tier(s) to the Supplier specified on the P.O.


Original processing and test certifications must accompany each shipment. Material certifications must be copies stamped by a Supplier authorized representative.  Supplier must also submit a Certificate of Compliance summarizing all processes and tests performed on the part. Copies of chemical and physical analysis certifications must accompany each shipment of parts for all Supplier purchased materials.


Certifications to all applicable specifications are required with each shipment. Supplier’s certificate of compliance must state all specifications performed by the Supplier or Subcontractor for:


·          Raw materials used (with chemical and physical data).

·          Special Processes (conversion coatings, plating, welding, heat treat, etc).

·          Purchased items (hardware, latches, adhesives, etc).


Supplier shall provide and include with each shipment a certificate of conformity attesting the release of the Goods included in the shipment as follow:


·          Supplier Name, Address and Date

·          Packing Sheet/List or C of C Number, P.O.

·          Part Nomenclature / Part Number

·          Drawing Sheet Number and Revision Level

·          Quantity of material, parts or kits to ship


                Supplies and its sub-tiers shall ensure that all applicable requirements including drawings, specifications, qualifications, key characteristics, etc. under the contract with the Buyer are flowed down to all suppliers. Supplier shall not make any configuration change to any Goods which could affect the fit, form, performance or price without the Buyer’s written consent. Notification and approval of configuration changes include those parts, which are superseded by another part. Any Supplier configuration change requests shall be submitted in writing for approval prior to configuration change processing.



Work under this order is subject to Buyer surveillance at the Supplier’s plant. The Buyer’s quality representative may elect to conduct inspection either on random basis or to the extent of 100% inspection. The Supplier will be notified if the Buyer inspection is to be conducted on specific shipments. No shipments are to be held for Buyer Inspection unless notification is received prior to, or at the time of, material being ready for shipment.


LoDolce Machine, the Customer, and Regulatory Authorities reserves the right of access to all facilities involved in the order and all applicable records.


The Buyer’s acceptance of product does not absolve the Supplier of the responsibility to provide acceptable product, does it preclude subsequent rejection by the Buyer’s customer.


Non-Conforming Materials


The Supplier shall notify the Buyer of any non-conformances and request disposition instructions prior to shipment to the Buyer. Notification shall be made to the LoDolce Machine Company Quality Department at: (845) 246-3457 fax, phone (845) 246-7017.


 Non-Conforming Goods identified by the Supplier or its sub-tiers, after the Goods have been shipped to the Buyer,    are required to be disclosed in a timely manner prior to further Goods processing or shipment.


LoDolce Machine Social and Environmental Management System support actions that have a positive environmental effect.  We recommend that all suppliers follow this course.  We follow the actions articulated in the IBM Code of Conduct Principles and/or EICC.












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